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Sandblasted Signs in Durham, North Carolina

Attracting people to your business, store, or organization starts with a sign from Fisher Graphic Arts. Meeting your expectations with a one of a kind signFisherColumn150 means higher sales and members for your organization.

Sandblasted and Dimensional Signage
We specialize in custom redwood, urethane, stone, and glass signs. Check out the variety of looks we can produce for your development community or business—the rugged beauty of redwood, the permanence of stone, the versatility of urethane, or the elegance of etched glass.

Custom Vacation Home Signs
Let us design a personalized sandblasted redwood sign for your mountain or beach home!

Computer-Routed Letters and Logos
We cut letters and logos to your specifications in a variety of materials, including metal, Plexiglas™, urethane, and wood.


Cast Concrete
The understated beauty of cast concrete provides a long-lasting signature for your company.

Stone Bases
Stone and faux rock bases provide a bold and distinctive base for your wood or stone dimensional sign.

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